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Income-for-Life Wealth Builder

Income-for-Life Wealth Builder | Just for Dentists

1. Goal Definition

Determine your long-term lifestyle and financial objectives.

2. Diagnosis

We exam all aspects of your financial life - your practice income and expenses, investments, personal expenses, the taxes you pay, financial commitments, practice and personal debts, life and disability coverage.

3. Prescription

Following the diagnosis, we will provide you with a report summarizing the recommendations and the resulting benefits.

4. Implementation

We will prepare a detailed plan and make sure it is put into place cost-effectively and "turn key", meaning that you don't have to spend valuable practice time worrying about the implementation of the plan. We are your quarterback, making sure that the other professionals involved in the implementation complete their work on time and within budget.

5. Monitoring

Periodically, we will review the actual progress, suggest corrective action, if need be, and make sure that you stay on course.

About The Program

The "Income-for-Life" program is the result of our frustrating experiences where, despite the significant cash savings generated through proactive tax and financial planning, a number of clients were not reaching their long-term goals. By not being involved in the monitoring of our plans, the savings generated were often absorbed into the household budget to support the current lifestyle, rather than being used for stated objectives of savings accumulation.

Think of us as your personal financial trainer, who keeps raising the bar of financial performance to ensure prosperous longevity.

Having the comfort of knowing that you are working towards clear financial objectives gives you the renewed energy and enthusiasm in your professional career and assures you that the daydreaming about the wonderful life after work will indeed become reality!

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