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Practice Transitions

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Practice Valuations

Practice Valuations Methodology | Just for Dentists

For most dentists, the value of the practice represents their most valuable asset.

Knowing the value of your practice is an essential first step when planning any type of practice transition, a practice sale, or an associateship leading to a buy-in.

The process of valuing your practice is an uncomplicated step-by-step procedure simplified for you by our Purtzki Team.

After our initial discussions to establish your needs, we outline our services and estimated fees in our engagement letter. We will provide you with a questionnaire and require financial information such as financial statements and tax returns. We will visit your practice and, after a thorough analysis of the practice information, we will arrive at a determination as to the value of the practice and prepare the valuation report.

Our knowledge of the dental marketplace, combined with our financial expertise and valuation know-how as professional accountants, will give you the assurance that our valuation is accurate, allowing you to maximize the proceeds from your practice sale.

We also prepare a marketing prospectus, which summarizes the outstanding features and unique benefits of your practice. The prospectus gives you the competitive edge when a prospect is reviewing all available practice opportunities.

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