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Practice Transitions

Practice Transition Services | Just for Dentists

Practice Transition Services

We strive to make sure all parties involved achieve a win-win end result.

We have been practice transition consultants for over 20 years and realize the benefits and challenges involved in all aspects of practice transition; including the legal, financial, emotional, staff and patient issues.

A transition is a process, not just a transaction, and our primary objective is to make sure that all parties involved in the transaction achieve a win-win end result.

Trends in the environment of today's Dental Professional:

  1. Very few dentists set up their practices from "scratch". This is too risky and does not provide the immediate income security that purchasing or buying into an already established practice can.
  2. Non-solo practices are becoming increasingly popular because benefits and mechanics of expense sharing arrangements exist and are used.
  3. Many dentists do not wish to engage in traditional ownership due to the financial risk involved, and we are increasingly seeing the rise of "employee-only" dentists. Employee-only concentrate more heavily on the clinical aspects of dentistry and / or reflect on quality-of-life issues, preferring shorter work weeks and less responsibilities.

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