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Practice Transitions

Practice Transition Services | Just for Dentists

Practice Sale Facilitation

We provide the leadership to see your transition through to the end.

For over 25 years, our clients have called us to take charge of their practice transitions.

We take a common sense business approach to your transition - no-nonsense, creative, and cost efficient. We learned about practice transitioning the hard way - by spending lots of time with dentists to make their transitions work, long after the broker has cashed his commission cheque.

Whether you are buying or selling a practice, it is not about one party winning and another losing: a transition is only successful when all parties feel they have won.

In order to keep potentially adversarial elements out of the process, it is very important to use a professional facilitator.

The goal of a facilitator is to make the transition a success. The facilitator is the referee in the middle, the one who keeps all the parties in line; the coach, who helps find the right solutions; the manager, who ensures that the transition is completed on time and on budget; and the coordinator, who makes sure that the transition process stays on course.

Through our extensive experience as transition facilitators, we know that many dentists believe that their transition would have ended in failure had it not been for a "professional person in the middle" who kept it together and provided the leadership to see the transition through to the end.

We are proud to be that "professional person in the middle" and we make sure that we integrate the best practices from our rapidly changing environment to make your transition an absolute success!

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