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Practice Transitions

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Practice Purchases

Practice Purchase Assistance

Enter into a purchase contract only when you have completed a thorough review with professional guidance.

Acquiring a dental practice will most likely be the most important expenditure you will incur in your professional life. Paying top dollar for a practice that does not meet your expectations is tragic. As you will not likely have a chance to use the experience of your first practice for the purchase of a second one, it is important that you minimize the tuition fees you pay on your first practice purchase.

Checking out the practice thoroughly - called performing your "due diligence" duties - is an absolute "must" and, by all means, do not feel pressured for time. If the selling dentist does not give you sufficient time to carry out your due diligence, then withdraw from the deal no matter how attractive the offer is.

Those dentists who have regretted a practice purchase were quite often under time pressures that resulted in a superficial review. Enter into a purchase contract only when you have completed a thorough review of the practice with the assistance of your professional advisors.

Ways we can assist you:

  1. Helping you decide whether or not the proposed practice purchase will fit in with your long-term financial and life style goals.
  2. Assistance in carrying out the due diligence.
  3. Assistance in negotiating the deal.
  4. Helping you arrange financing.
  5. Guiding you in structuring the purchase from an income tax point of view.
  6. Giving you hands-on assistance in implementing accounting and financial reporting systems.

We will work hard for you to make your most important career decision, the best one you will ever make!