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Dental Practice Management

We're your Personal Practice Consultants.

We at Purtzki & Associates offer Dental practice management consulting to advance your dental practice to profitability, productivity and stress control.

We offer consulting tailored specifically to the needs of your dental practice.

Dental Practice Management

Areas where we can help:

Dental Practice Management | Areas Where We Can Help

You have worked hard to get to where you are today. As a busy Dental Professional, your workdays may be long and you probably wonder how others have a productive dental practice and also a life outside the practice.

Many successful business people have concluded that in order to succeed and not compromise important parts of their lives, such as families, they have had to delegate responsibilities in areas which collided or took away precious time from their expert areas.

And this is where we can surely be of assistance!

With our extensive experience in dental practices, business and practice management, accounting, tax and transitions, we can be your own personal consultant or your coach. Outsource the non-professional jobs to us, as our job is to make sure that you can have a balanced life.

“In order to see the big picture, sometimes we need to look through the eyes of an outsider, which is difficult if you've been inside too long.” NM 1999

The author of this sentence meant that hiring someone from the outside and giving them the task of suggesting areas of improvement was likely to show dramatic results and uncover what might have been in front of you all along, but you just couldn't see it. This is normal in every business setting and not only a Practice.

Contact us for more information and in the meantime be sure to read our excellent example of an area where you could improve Profitability.

For more information, read the example of improving the profitability of your practice.

Internal Control Reviews

Purchasing a practice? Check the internal controls.

You would never purchase a home unless you have an inspector crawling through the attic, checking for leaks.  Likewise, you should never purchase a practice until you thoroughly check the practice management system for financial leaks.  Unfortunately, the internal control review is left out of the due diligence checklist.

For instance, the reasons for having strong financial controls in your billing/collection system are to ensure that:

  • all procedures are billed to the patients and in the correct amounts, and
  • all billings are collected promptly

Many dentists do not seem to pay much attention to these internal controls when setting up their front desk systems.  A recent practice review showed a glaring absence of effective internal controls in the billings/collection function.  In one situation, the front desk person could easily double her salary with a few keystrokes on her computer terminal.  There is just too much money flowing through the practice to ignore the internal control system.

Purtzki & Associates Dental Practice Internal Control System

Purtzki & Associates offers a step-by-step process in increasing the profitability or your practice.

Internal Controls Review System | Just for Dentists

Put the internal control review on top of your diligence checklist and use our extensive 25 years of experience and knowledge. We can conduct a review of the internal control system to make sure there are no leaks. We have developed auditing tools tailored specifically to the dental office. Following such a review, we will provide you with recommendations, and help you with the implementation.

Contact us today for a free consultation.