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Dental Corporation

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Making the Most of Your Dental Corporation

A Creative Tax and Financial Planning Guide Exclusively for Dentists

100 pages of practical advice, including how-to:

Income-split with minor children  Income-split with minor children

Pay tax on only 50% of your income  Pay tax on only 50% of your income

Make the mortgage tax-deductible  Make the mortgage tax-deductible

Set up tax-sheltered savings plans  Set up tax-sheltered savings plans

Implement your own no-cost Health Plan  Implement your own no-cost Health Plan

Use corporate loans to finance your children's education  Use corporate loans to finance your children's education

Boost your retirement nest egg  Boost your retirement nest egg

Maximize tax deductions  Maximize tax deductions

Set up the right corporate structure  Set up the right corporate structure

Pay no tax when you sell the practice  Pay no tax when you sell the practice


Only $65 (including GST)


About the Author: Manfred Purtzki, CA

For more than 35 years Manfred has been consulting with dentists on practice transitions, practice valuation, group practice arrangements, revenue enhancement, financial and retirement planning, and creative tax strategies.

He is the author of numerous published articles on practice and personal financial planning, and practice transitions.

Learn more about Manfred and the Purtzki team on our About Us page.