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Practice Transitions

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Adding an Associate

It can be a smart business idea to add an associate to your practice.

Many established dentists have recognized that it is a smart business idea to add an associate to the practice. Whether the reason is to more efficiently utilize the practice facilities, or take a portion of the equity out of the practice, many senior dentists are keenly aware of the benefits of bringing an associate into their practices.

As you plan the associateship arrangement, make sure your transition will be successful, by choosing the right associate, with the right skills including ability to integrate into your practice culture.

Use The Dentist’s Toolbox for associate guides.

Becoming an Associate

Most graduates make the transition from dental school to private practice in the form of an associateship. The prohibitive cost of setting up a practice from scratch combined with the risk of developing a patient base and generating an adequate cash flow are the most important reasons for a new dentist to start a career as an associate.

Also, the drastic increase in education costs precludes many young dentists from considering ownership. It is important that you start your career on the right foot.

We urge you to read The New Dentist Practice Guide.

Before you sign on the dotted line of the associate agreement, make sure you understand what you want to be included in such an agreement.